Happy Cows Make Maxwell a Sad Boy

I’ve spent a lot of time watching happy animal videos on the internet since my dog passed away recently (Goodbye Bella!). I came across this video of some happy cows bouncing around on grass after being locked up for 6 months.


It hit me in a really hard way. The next night, I was making my favorite meal of hamburgers and fries, but I was terribly sad about it. I couldn’t stop thinking that those cows were just like my big stupid dog Bella. I didn’t have a big freak out or come to Jesus moment about meat, I was just sad.

So, I decided that when 2022 got here, I was going to stop eating meat. I didn’t do it to get healthier or save the planet. I was just sad thinking about how horrible the life of a cow must be before it hits my table. I am not judging anyone or saying that anyone should change their eating habits. I’m sure there are many cows out there that live happy lives before they become food. My wife and kids are still eating meat.

I was just sad and didn’t want to be any more. It was a lazy start to my vegetarian journey, but the cheese pizza was delivered hot and fresh.

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